20160531 – Ninjas and Dragons

“Here’s how the world works. I don’t owe you money. I just… currently have your money in my possession.” Dennis said to the other guy on the line.

I chuckled and thought, ‘that would be a really good line for a story’.

Dennis cut the call and resumed to his computer. He was a rather tall man, though, it wasn’t obvious when he sat. He kept a thin moustache, a freshly cut goatee with his hair cropped to a buzz cut and, in his suit, he looked like the man.

Dennis worked in the branding department of a local insurance company and his job was stressful. Having to come up with new ideas to sell the company’s product wasn’t easy trying to overcome the cliché’s while constrained to the rules of what was considered ‘proper‘ business. It was at times tedious.

A few clicks of the keyboard and a swift movement of the mouse and Dennis found himself staring at the inbox of the local e-mail server.

“Shit!” he cursed, “I forgot to create the content calendar for next week”.

He continued as he stared back and forth between me and the mail titled ‘URGENT!!!’ in big block red letters. It was from his Line Manager.

“Boss is going to have my head” he continued.

I gave him a quick shrug with the ‘I don’t know’ expression on my face followed by the ‘you are definitely screwed’ expression. I definitely wasn’t helpful. I continued on my laptop, Dennis oblivious to me chronicling his day.

He opened the top drawer of the stack that resided underneath his desk and picked out a light stack of A4 sheets. Upon inspection, he got up and walked across the room to his Line Manager. Returning with a smaller stack of ID card sized sheets.

“So, apparently, we have to redo these”

Denis spoke, pointing the the stack of paper ID cards made for temporary use by the company drivers momentarily neglecting fact that the card printer was temporarily broken.

“What’s wrong with them?” I asked picking up one of the sheets to study it.

“Boss said the pictures are too small. Gotta resize all 20 of them.”

“Wow! You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you.”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m putting you in charge of it.” He slides the stack over to me.

The expression on my face is pure agony. I give a mock shout whisper…

“Noooooookay. Sure!” I finally submit after a second of restraint.

“What, it’s not like you’re busy or anything.” He turns to catch a glimpse of my laptop screen just as I slam the screen SHUT!.


I open it up carefully to make sure the screen didn’t break. That was pretty dumb and I’m sure anyone would agree. I had to cut off there for a while. As I’m sure, you have probably, at this point, deduced that I’m more or less, pretty much, writing this as it happens and there isn’t really a goal or a lesson to be learnt. If that’s what you are looking for, I’m sure there is an exit button somewhere on the screen.

“Was that really necessary?” Dennis asks.

“Nope” I continue to the photo editing application.

Dennis moves his focus back to the event calendarext weeks theme is ESUSU, which is basically a money saving plan, where you pay some money monthly and after a period of time get your money back in whole with a tiny interest on your saving.

ANYWAY… So yeah i told him to go get a picture of cowries and add some text (sales pitch) to it.

while he does that I’m going to go back…

And forth…


Photoshop and…



Okay done.

Every where is boring.

Dennis left.

The time is now 12:23PM and i stare out the huge window to the left of our table (yeah Dennis and i share a table) with the hot midday sun burning the heck outta me and the Cold air conditioning Freezes my ass off. Bitter sweet innit.

Anyway, i look out the window at the church across the street where a new building is being constructed, when suddenly a ninja runs across the my glass window from left to right,lunching himself off my office building into what appears to be empty air. he seems to be moving in slow motion as he, in one swift move, he pulls a katana from his back and stabs it into the air.

For a second everything seems to be halted in time. then suddenly a loud roar sounds, but i appear to be the only one that hears it… well me and the ninja. Hanging by his sword which is half disappeared into thin air.

A monster materialises before my eyes the ninjas katana deeply inserted in its side. it flaps his wings sending large air pockets in all directions. Apart from the roar the dragon expressed no other pain nor did it show any sign that it was aware of the sword and ninja’s presence.

After a few tries the ninja finally pulls the sword out of the dragon, releasing him to plunge down and fast towards the ground (out of my sight range)and the beast follows…

“what are you staring at?” Dennis stares out the window, confused.

“uhh” i stare at Dennis, “you wouldn’t… never mind”

Dennis threw me a suspicious look before taking his seat.

“okay. so, are you done with the ID’s”


That was awesome.


2 thoughts on “20160531 – Ninjas and Dragons

  1. Hilarious read…. Something to break work tension and get me tolol to myself despite confused stares all around…. Really nice…. The part about the ninja and dragon had me wondering what world you live in, though…


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