20160601 – ‘BANG’ @ One

I step out of the car and check my watch which reads ‘7:35’.

“yesss” i say under my breath, “early”.

I stare up at the tall, sky scraper of the building where i work, the early sun glistens off the polished glass windows. i sigh then take the few steps that lead me into the building.

So, I’m sure u vigilant haters out there are thinking – ‘how are you live typing this? you obviously don’t have your laptop with you’.

Well thats why God made iPhones!. Shit my boss is about to walk into the elevator, i push the button for the seventh floor (click).


(from my laptop)

wow okay so Dennis isn’t in yet, only a couple of people here right now.

what to do… what to do…

The phone rings…

the receiver makes tiny, invisible vibrations. Some gut instinct tells me to ignore the call. who could possibly be calling, work doesn’t start for another…

i check my phone.

…15 minutes. i reach for the phone, every fibre of my being alerts me, like a spider sense.

i takes pure will to pick up the receiver (the part of the phone that you hold to your head. btw)

i bring the phone to my ear. a bead of sweat rolls down my forehead…

“h-hello”. i stammer a bit.

“yeah, hi. this is Anita, I’m i speaking with Christian” the voice from the otherside of the call says, very mundane btw.

“sorry, this is Jakob. Chris isn’t in yet but, i’ll tell him you called”

“thanks jake”

The line Breaks.

the office is more occupied now, The line supervisor in his seat across the room. sipping on a mug of what i assume is coffee.

i remember when i used to order smoothies, mmmmh. but that was last year, seems like a life time ago.

This is pretty much my second time interning here and its becoming a habit. Last year was really just to cure boredom cuz my summer lasts from April to September.

yeah, lucky right.


okay dennis just walked in.

“hey jake, wattup. how was your night”

“twas great” i replied. “what we got planned for today?”

He takes off his Jacket and hangs it on the rack before taking his seat.

“well, we need to finish up on the new template for the newsletter we started yesterday before sending it to IT to program it into our mail server” he started

“we have to continue working on posts for the content calendar, we still have nothing for wednesday through to saturday.” He continued.

“we…” he kept going on and on and on about how busy our day was going to be.

after a couple moments he rounded up and put me in charge of designing the image for one of the posts on the content calendar.

A superhero.

weeeeeeell a depiction of the firm as a superhero, with the post having something to do with saving money, Emphasis on saving

I immediately get to work.





i pat myself to find the source of the vibrating nuisance…

its just my phone, which i pull out of the inner pocket of my blazer.

two missed calls

a number that isn’t saved in my contacts.

who could it be.

Probably that crazy obsessive girl that I’m ignoring, she has been blowing up my phone with calls from different numbers and texts, soon many texts.


the same unknown number.

after a few seconds debating with myself i pick up the call…

CALL (Transcribed);

Me: hello

unknown: good morning agent J

Me: who?

unknown: The governor has been kidnapped by the terrorist group known as BKHRM. He is being held in a secret bunker somewhere in a 200mile radius of your current location. Your mission, if you choose to accept it – Find the Governor and eliminate the terrorist threat. This Device will now self destruct in (beep) FIVE

(beep) FOUR

(beep) THREE

(beep) T

i cut the call…

and quickly drop my phone on the table.

my face becomes a mask of fear.

“who was that?” Dennis asks, his face filled with concern.

i stare at my phone for a few moments, Then at Dennis…

A sure look on my face.

I inhale.

“just some stupid telemarketers”

“you are not serious, thats why you look like the death just called” Dennis adds

He takes a look at my laptop. His face lights up.

“wow jake that is really cool. And the building in the background… I didn’t know you could draw?”

“thanks” i shove my phone back into my pocket. turning my full attention back to my work. “yeah i just need to add a burning building in the background, with smoke rising filling up the skyline which would give you enough contrast to add the text.”

I can see it now ‘Super Rob, the company man’ maybe if im lucky the company can adopt it as their official mascot…

HAHAHAHA yeah right, like that’ll ever happen.

Dennis gets a news alert on his phone – Governor missing, any information on his whereabout would be helpful.

Soon everyones fone starts beeping as they all receive the message alert. i hear my phone give off a faint beep (alerting me to a message) and i once again pull it out of my pocket and on the homescreen from unknown…



Help please.


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