20160602 – The Other Side

TO: Human Resources

Dear Madam,


I would like to request permission to be absent from work on Friday, 3rd of June, to attend the funeral of my great grandmother who finally died last weekend.

Kindly approve.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,



Don’t feel sad for me, i didn’t know her (only met her like twice). Besides she didn’t speak a lick of english.

On the bright side i know (potentially) how long I’m gonna live; i have 87 more years on this, kind of, green earth.

“Jake, i need you to work on the Origami image, see if you can re create a sequence that tells a story of the stages the paper might have been through”

The line supervisor says making his way across the room from his table.

OMG! this is the first time he has ever (directly) asked me to do any work, i was sure he thought of me as some ‘slack-off’, millennial who was always on my laptop…

I’m not saying he would be wrong, if thats what he thought.

BUT, i also do plenty of work. i don’t want to go into much detail, but just know… I’M AWESOME.

He finally gets here. He looks around and inspects the empty seat next to mine.

“where is Dennis?”

“Oh he left for lunch”

He checks his watch and makes a surprised, ‘WOW’ face, like saying ‘GAWDAYUM!! Where did the time go?’.

“i know right” i say with a smile.

He dismisses my comment with a smile of his own.

oh the war is SO on.

He takes Denis’s seat.

“Dennis speaks highly of you. He said you Animate?”

“Yeah, no, kinda… not really” i reply with an oscar winning range of facial expressions.

He gets up.

“Anyway do what you can”

Then he Holds my shoulder in the kind of way one would when saying some inspirational/dramatic line.

“i know it would be nothing short of greatness”

He turns and leaves me there with the ‘WTF’ expression dripping of my face.


time to go for lunch.

i exit my wing of the building into the corridor that houses the elevators, a man with a medium sized box is already waiting for the lift to arrive. i check the monitor ‘12th’ with an arrow pointing down.

i can’t wait that long, i head over to the stairwell and look down the rows of floors neatly stacked.

i head down the stairwell to the floor immediately below.

‘The sixth floor, AH, finally.’

i walk into the companies cafeteria, which btw is off-limits to interns but i’m so much of a boss that nobody complains.

as i pull the door open, it hits me…

the scent of cooked food with the sweet smell of pastries.

Several staff members sitting in their various groups. it reminds me of what ‘the disney channel’ representation of a high school cafeteria would look like.

After a few moments of browsing through the crowd i spot her, standing in line to order her food.

i walk up to the line. behind her.

“hey lola, whattup. Where’s Preç at?”

she turns, “oh wow, you made it. Preç is on her way. What u up to there” signifying to the phone in my hand.

“nothing just typing some stuff on a thing” me.

“wow, you really went into detail there” her.

“i know right” me.

I continue. “so what’s my partner in crime got cooking, working on any new stuff”

She delivers a devious grin as if to say ‘don’t i ever’.

“Ive got a couple screenplays in the works and I’m working on a novel. You?”

“oh, just some blog that i just started, you should check it out”

She gets to the top of the line to order her food.

i pat my pockets and realise…

“shit i left my wallet upstairs, be right back”

Back on my floor.

i open the door to my wing and to my surprise the lights have been turned off and the whole room is eerily quiet.

I pat blindly against the wall, looking for the light switch. After a few steps i find and flip it…


The entire room is in anarchy, the huge window planes are shattered with the back end of a chair sticking out of one of the windows, the tables have been reduced to splinters some of the missing a foot, There is paper everywhere and i mean EVERYWHERE, shelves broken against the ground and the only source of live is a red blinking light from the phone that used to be on…


what was left of my table.

i walk back out the door, running out to get help.

five steps outside the door and i grind to a halt at a sight that threatens my very existence.

a large gaping hole in the side of the building.

the entire other wing seems to have been blown off.

i stare at where the cafeteria would have been (a floor below me)

“Lola” i whisper to myself.

it is dark out side, black against black.

the only source of color is the rising grey smoke that is visible in the distance.

i hear a deafening explosion, like an atomic bomb going off, then in the same position as where the smoke rose a huge mushroom cloud now takes its place.

i can see a wave of compressed air flying fast towards me and i run back into the room and slam the door behind me, my eyes tightly shut.

i feel a cool breeze against my skin followed by familiar chatter.

i open my eyes to the blinding bright light of the office, with people in their various cubicles answering phone calls or typing on their desktop computers. The hole in the glass seems to have repaired it self and warm sun basks the room in a holy glow.

i look around and notice that everything has returned to its normal state and a couple steps in front of me, at the water dispenser, Dennis stands staring at me in confusion with a mug in his hand just a few inches from his face.

“um, i forgot my wallet” i kind of shout to him, struggling to give off a confident smile.

Walking over to the desk i share with Dennis i see my wallet sitting on the table next to the office phone. Upon picking it up i notice that the phone still has the red light blinking.


What the hell is going on?


3 thoughts on “20160602 – The Other Side

  1. I’m starting to get the theme of these chronicles, the world you’re in versus the world you wish you were in, i.e., reality v.s. imaginative world. Subtly humorous yet fascinating. Nice ending.


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