20160607 – Through the Window

“What i saw yesterday, i couldn’t believe”

Michael announces as he arrives for work (late at 8:24)

“And it was right after i finished praying…”

Dennis rolls his eyes, the others give a condescending chuckle and i just ignore him.

“guy, whatever time you leave your house, start leaving thirty minutes earlier.” Dennis says to mike with all seriousness, which make the others lose it.

even i, let out a smile.


The past weekend was very eventful even though it probably wasn’t obvious with my pre-scheduled posts (yup). Anyway i have had a raging headache ever since and is also the reason i didn’t post yesterday.

BTW i think that might be a thing now, cuz i might not feel up to posting on Mondays.


“so Dennis what we doing today”

He, on his computer fiddling with a web app for editing html files.

“still working on that newsletter template we started last week”.

oh yeah i remember that, i don’t know if i mentioned but, i inspired this while discussing how much better the ‘apple Mac’ was to ‘microsoft Windows’ then i use pages (apple’s alternative to micrsoft word) to bring home my point, showing Dennis the templates and how they are so much cooler than microsoft.

and here we are.

“so what is the problem” i ask, wondering what is actually taking so long with the template.

“i uploaded the template to the email server online but i can’t seem to get the hyperlinks to work, i think i need to re-do it. Do you have an idea of anything i could do to…”

“yeah, yeah. Good luck” i cut him off as i notice the most beautiful girl i have ever seen (not really but, just for the story)

She walks right in front of my desk, almost in slow motion, flipping her hair rousing-ly, she glances towards me and a coy smile gives of her face. she turns away and walks out the door.

I immediately grab Dennis by the shoulders and gave him a trembling shake.

“Dennis… DENNIS… who was that”


“the girl… with. with the hair and the…” i mimic the hair flipping gesture.

“oh that was just Arya, she’s an intern, kinda like you”

“don’t mess with me. i watch G.O.T”

“no thats her actual name, now can u pl-leas-e, st-o-p, sh-sh-a-ak-ing me.”

I totally forgot i was doing it. wow my very own Arya Stark ironically to her i am probably no-one.

“by the way jake, i still need your help with…” Dennis starts.

“uhh huh, yeah, whatever…” i rudely interject. “A boy must find a girl and get a girls number”.

“What the hell does that even mean?” Dennis asks, irritated and confused, as i get up from my chair and walk out of the office, completely ignoring Dennis”


I run back in about five minutes after i left give or take a few seconds.

Back to my table…

“i couldn’t find her” “do you know what floor she works on”

Dennis, focused on his work barely looks at me.


“THE GIRL! Arya!”

“I’m sorry, i’m too engulfed in this project.” he stops to look at me. “unless you want to help?” he asks hopeful.

I take a seat, sigh .

“what do you need?”

Dennis unleashes a great smirk across his.

“help me with the template while i work on the actual body of the newsletter, i emailed the .psd document to you already.”

I squint my eyes “this is what you wanted isn’t it”

He only smiles in reply.


In the office, mid-day.

I stare at the window and watch as raindrops trace their way down, behind it i notice the dark, heavily clouded, sky. ‘SEX’ by Cheat Codes and Kris Kross Amsterdam plays in my ear via earphones that are connected to my laptop (MacBkAir if you hadn’t already guessed).

it was almost beautiful the raindrops falling at the same pace with the song. The church opposite my office building seemed deserted and even the workers at the construction site next to it had fled for cover from the rain.

A bright blue-ish/purple bolt of lightning is visible far off in the horizon, it lasts less than a second, but in that second the sky lights up, filled with an arsenal of colors turning the sky from its dull grey into something straight from colourful Dubstep/EDM.

Shortly after it is accompanied by rolling thunder, which to my surprise lasts a couple of seconds. I feel a jabbing pain in the base of my neck and it all goes black…


I can’t see…

The sound of silence is interrupted by a loud baritone.

“He is awake?”

Another voice, softer, feminine, replies.

“Somewhat. Breathing, he finds it hard.”

I let out an involuntary cough

“Yes. I should recalibrate the oxygen levels?” The Deeper voice asks.

“To allow him to survive. Yes. We do not want for him to expire” The Female voice replies.

I hear a few clicks and beeps followed by a pop in my ears. My eyes flutter open as a pain builds up in my chest, like my longs are getting forcefully inflated with air.

The world around me is a blurry white. i regain my focus and the sight before me…

i, sooo wish i couldn’t see.

i seemed to have ended up right above of the cloud line. I know what you are thinking, and no i did’t smoke any weed, I’m not high…


technically, yes i am in the sky but… whatever.

I can see my office building several thousand feet below my feet. shit I regret looking down immediately. I have a very, very, very great fear of heights. like my heart didn’t just do a somersault, it won the bloody olympics when i looked down. i would grab for something to support me if not for the fear of falling down, since there was nothing but wispy (non solid) cloud around me.

My freaking out moment was interrupted by a voice.

“You are okay?” the soft female voice asks.

I turn to look at her and…


She could very likely have been an angel, if not… it’s not like anyone would know the difference, the only give away was her lack of wings. Her flawless dark skin covered with a what i could only assume was an evening gown, white and just as wispy as the clouds surrounding it, i couldn’t even tell where the dress stopped and the clouds began. Her hair, silky long and of an unnatural hue, that i had never before had the privilege of experiencing.

To her left was a Man, dressed sharply in a dark three-piece-suit that complemented the females dress. He looked exactly like her, like they could be twins, with the same color hair. Except for one small detail, unlike her, he was caucasian.

“who are you” i asked, curious and my fear a million miles from my thoughts.

They look at each other giving, deep thoughtful stares for a few moments before finally focusing their attention towards me.

The Man speaks first.

“we are the Answer and the Question.”

The Woman Continues.

“The Woman and the Man”

The go on like this after each other.

“The Together and the Separated”

“The Yin and the Yang”

“Good and Evil”

“Sky and Earth”

“Alpha and Omega”

“we are the supreme”

“we are the creator”

And together they finish.

“we are…”

They are interrupted by three bright purple bolts of lightning that strike the space between they and I. and through the lightning bolt i see therm differently.

Through the first lightning bolt i see Two lions, one white as pure silver and the other Pitch black as coal.


Through the second bolt i see; an elderly couple, light and dark, asleep in each others arms.


Through the final lightning bolt i see two infants, light and dark, naked on the clouds surface.


After the final lightning bolt of evaporates, as the smoke clears i see the Man and the Woman the way i first saw them.



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