20160608 – EBONY & IVORY

CONTINUED from through the window.

…And the smoke from the final lightning bolt clears and i see the two back in their original form, or at least how they first appeared when i awoke.

Ebony and Ivory. They Stood tall with so much sovereignty and authority that it oozed of their body in a golden aura mist.

SO here is where my mind gets blown cuz I’m not a religious guy, i really don’t care either way; christianity, Buddhism, Allah, Krishna e.t.c It all goes over my head, Agnostic and proud.

“So what you are trying to tell me is that, both of you, individuals as gorgeous as yourself are ‘THE SUPREME BEING’, Mehn” i give them the biggest look of disbelieve my face can conjure.

“Indeed Jakob” They say in unison, “We exist in perfect harmony, the very manifestation of nature. We are a balance, as all things on the scales of justice must balance.”

“balance huh” my scepticism taking control “so you guys are the cause of everything good?”

“Yes” they reply.

“And also the reason a lot of bad things happen?” i look into both their eyes.

they turn to each other, as if to determine whether to acknowledge my question, then back to me.

“Yes” the finally answer.

My mind begins to race, “so, what you’re saying is, all the murders, the terror attacks, all of that is you?”

This is it. The million dollar question, that has been at the tip of every weeping mothers tongue, everyone who had ever lost someone and prayed for God (or which ever deity they worship) to give them a reason.

“No” They answer to my surprise, talk about taking responsibility.

“We created the circumstance for man to be. Watching and nurturing as you evolved from a single cell. We moulded you into our image and named you Eve and Adam, the two who were one by heart, and in our image we gifted you our characteristics. In everyone of you there are two forces, in order for there to be balance you all have a little bit of right and a little bit of wrong, it is then up to you to maintain the balance… and some of you do. When there is imbalance and the scale shifts in favour of one thats when mayhem arises.”

Wow that was… i definitely wasn’t expecting that. hearing them say it, the world almost made sense, ‘this crazy world’ as most people called it didn’t seem so crazy after all, just filled with crazy people.

“As you humans commonly say – ‘to much of anything is not so good’. It appears that, we must return you, we have kept you hear long enough”

The Male figure nods at me, his face expressionless while the female figure gives me a heart warming smile. They start to fade, my vision blurring.

“wait! what about heaven, is there an afterlife?” The words escape my mouth.

But not fast enough as i soon find myself falling trough the cloud heading straight down, the two figures far, far, away and getting farther.

The wind blows ravingly against my resistant self as i feel my body moving close to the speed of sound spinning down.

I take a moment to appreciate it, the knowledge i just gained. I’m still agnostic but now at least i know.

The ground draws closer faster than i can say… ‘SPLAT

i wake up in my bed to the sound of my alarm clock at Five in the morning, wondering how i left the office. The past events of the two figures are barely a shadow in my mind and the memory fading out of existence, all the knowledge i just gained… GONE.

Crap i gotta get ready for work.



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