20160609 – One stop

It has been terribly uneventful around the office today. Both Dennis and i had our plates full with work.

I am sooo tired.

At least i can finally go home.

I check my watch, received to see that it reads ‘FiveFourtyTwo’.

I pack up my gear, shoving my laptop into its bag along with my external hard drive and pull out my ear phones to connect to my phone.

with my things packed up, i plug the ear buds into my ear and scroll through my phone for the perfect song to soundtrack my current mood. After a few swipes i find it.

I press play…

A TOMSIZE remix of Twenty-one Pilots’ ‘Stressed out’ plays into my ear.

Walking out my office wing into the hallway that holds the elevator i meet a handful of people who are also ready to call it a day.

Someone pushes the down button calling the elevator which according to the monitor is on the ground floor currently. We all clock out via the biometrics panel and wait on the elevator which seems to be taking its sweet time.

Usually i’d use the stairs, but i do not have the energy in me to waste.

The elevator finally gets here after 40 excruciating seconds of watching the elevator stop at almost every floor on its way to us.

I hate using the lifts, to be honest, especially when its filled with people. The entire aura of the elevator just reeks of awkward as everybody tries their best not to look at another person, like a game of dodge ball but with stares.

I push the button for ground floor, after a couple more seconds of my life i won’t get back the elevator doors slide shut and the journey down begins.

Well i would like to say we got to the ground floor just like that but you guys know the M.O of this blog (it ain’t gonna happen).

First of all the annoying thing on our ride down is that the lift pretty much stopped at every single heaven forsaken floor to meet nobody, like somebody called the elevator but then decided that they would rather take the stairs instead, but on every bloody floor?!!.

Secondly we finally get all the way down to the ground floor (according to the inside monitors) the elevator slows to a halt, makes a ding and the doors slide open…

people start walking out before they realise that we went up instead of down because apparently from the seventh floor the lift had taken us up to the 13th floor, as dictated by the huge ’13th floor’ sign on the far wall, instead of down to ground/lobby.

everyone gets back inside then a woman (who btw i have never met before)  now instead of me presses the ‘0’ on the panel for the elevator to get us to the ground floor, giving me a dirty look…

“like it is my fault the elevators are shit!” i say in response.

This time the elevators make no stop, we go straight down. Hmmm it feels like there are less people in here than when we started. The elevator monitor counts down, all the way to ‘0’, again, we slow to a halt, the elevator door opens and just like before we end up on the thirteenth floor.

wait a minute, come to think of it we don’t have a thirteenth floor. Do we?

Okay so i think i can take a hint, when things start to get weird i best get outta there and fast if the last few days have taught me anything its that, either this office is haunted or this job is driving me insane.

i step out of the elevator, looking back in to my surprise to only find 3 people in there, even the woman that gave me the dirty look is nowhere to be found.

Nope. not going to think about it, i’m not going to waste brain power on why weird shit happens anymore.

I turn around and head for the staircase, i hear the elevator doors close behind me followed by the ‘DING‘.

To my relief the stairs are at least in the right place, i mean given that i’m on a floor that doesn’t exist and all.

walking down the stairs, i finally start enjoying the music…

“my name’s blurry face…” i sing along. don’t blame me, I’ve got thirteen flights of stairs to go down, i have next to no energy for any of this crap, any other day sure, but today, right now?


this story is pretty predictable just so u can get how tired i actually i’m. I get to the floor beneath the thirteenth floor to meet an exact replica of the floor above even with the same number on the wall identifying the floor.

i hear a ding by the elevator doors and i head over to investigate.

Before i get there i notice a group of confused looking people walking out of the lift. They look familiar but i can’t be bothered with remembering where from, probably the board of directors or something, except i notice a woman making the exact same dirty face i had received earlier but this time directed at someone inside the elevator.

and finally i hear

“like it is my fault the elevators are shit”.



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