Midas King Arc – Confrontation (20160615)

MIdas King Arc _ CnfrntContinued from Pandoras Box*

“I feel a lot better now”. Yeah I know you all missed my awesome voice/words.

“Well, you should be, you had an entire day of rest, you lucky son…” Dennis smiled. “anyway whats this all about, you said you have an imaginary person after you?” a curious expression occupying his face.

“well, not exactly… how many times do i have to say it”

“Just once more” Dennis replies.

“Hmm. Okay. So this guy…” I start.

“Is he talking about his Imaginary friend again” Michael spins his chair around to join our conversation.

“NO! not imaginary, at least not anymore…”

“Yeah Mike, what where you thinking” Dennis laughs making a joke out of the events that are critically damaging my life and maybe my mental health.

“Right” is Michael’s only response

“Well, as I was saying… He is like the embodiment of my subconscious and my imagination all in one, and he is planning to destroy my life, rule the world and the worst part, take Selena away from me!”

“Selina?” Michael starts.

“The intern?” Dennis finishes


“Well, she isn’t yours now is she?” Michael adds. “Besides isn’t she already seeing that guy whats his name…” he trails off, luckily Dennis picks up.

“Mid-something, Migos, no thats not it… errrrm… Melody… no” Dennis also trails off.

“MIDAS! Thats what iv’e been trying to tell you!” I just got better and i’m already getting agitated.

“Midas! Yes. So you’re telling me that you made that guy up in your head?” Michael ask’s sarcastically

“No, he is me, or at least what i think of my self”

“Well, then jake, you are full of yourself, cuz there is no way in hell that would be you” Dennis so helpfully interjects.

“Still talking about fairytales Jake?” The tall Leonardo D’icaprio looking adonis sharply dressed as ever, he was the epitome of mens fashion, add his rugged manliness and every other guy looked like a happy ‘song singing’, Smurf and to add insult to injury she was with him, she wore his are like a winter scarf, her hair covering a third of her face and brushing against his. It made me sick, especially since the only way I got her name in the first place was cuz HE told me.

“Hey, you are in an office, you can’t go around holding her like that. We have strict PDA rules around her and I know HR would LOVE to have a few words”.  I felt stupid right after saying it and not cuz I sounded like a whinny teenage girl, but because of the look of disgust on Selena’s face. But it was already too late and just like clockwork, Brian from HR walks into the room and I couldn’t help but smile.

“HEY!” Brian walks right over and faces Midas, then turns to me. “Jake, I see you’ve met Midas our new staff plus the first employee to gain full employee status right away”.

What was happening? Midas and Brian bomb fist and laugh. Et tu Brian?

“Brian, I thought we couldn’t… you know…” indicating to Selena in Midas’s arm with my eyes.

Brian finally catches on and actually addresses it “Midas, Selena… you guys should totally thank me, you look great together”

“Thanks B” Selena says to Brian, blowing him a kiss in the most adorable way possible (what, it was!) Before pecking Midas on the cheek then leaving his embrace. “gotta go babe, I actually have work to do” she finishes then takes her leave paying me (and I guess Mike and Dennis too) no mind.

WTF was that! “Brian, what do you mean they should thank you?”

“who do you think introduced her to me” Midas says “not like i needed the help”

Things were falling apart fast, but I could still save myself from this sinking ship.

“Brian, Midas isn’t real, he escaped from a box in my mind… Pandoras box… but in my head, where he was a ninja and a he assassinated this dragon guy, but it was all in an alternate universe where there i was stuck in a time loop on an elevator” i look up at the confused faces around me even Midas looked astounded. “what i’m trying to say is, HE is me”.

“Right… so i’m going back to work… before I feel the impulse to take you for a drug test” Brian leaves.

“WAIT!” I call back Brian, “Ask the guys they know. Tell him guys”.

Brian and Midas looked at Dennis and Michael expecting some (reasonable) explanation and they were more than happy to enlighten.

“I have no idea what he’s talking about” Dennis said obviously a descendant of Judas, with Michael in the background twirling his index finger at the side of his head making the ‘cuckoo, totally mental’ gesture, providing the visual to Dennis’ words. Traitors the pair of them, I couldn’t have looked more insane if I wore my suit inside-out and backwards and my eyes darting around.

“Okay, so… lets go for that drug test” Brian orders me to pack my stuff.

“Hold on now. Let me have a little chat with him” Midas cooly steps between Brian and I, swagger basically radiating off him as he spoke, talk about a cancer. “Maybe I can help him clear his head, by the way, you remember that he wasn’t feeling to well.”

“Yeah, okay good luck but keep me updated…” Brian paused “Actually, i don’t want to know”

Brian leaves leaving just me and Midas, the traitors had already resumed their work, ‘clickety-clacking’ on their systems like their salaries depended on it.

“Jakob, lets have a chat” Midas puts his arm on my shoulder and I watch as the rest of the office fades out of existence, leaving us in a very brightly lit white room, with no doors or windows just an infinite/endless white.

“So I know, things didn’t end well the last time we spoke, I said some things, you said some things, but I really i’m over that now. I was just pissed about being locked up away in your head, now… I’m free now, i could care less about petty squabbles besides i still have my powers. I might as well be a god in this world and I think I just might but first I need to kill every single person in this building, yes and that includes Selena. So, if we could hurry it up, I have a schedule to keep to.”

“you. made. her. hate me”

“Yeah, but it’s only because I told her horrible things about you, lighten up” he says dismissive, very Robert D. jr like.

I can feel the rage filling up inside of me like a thousand suns burning me from the insides I literally see smoke rise up from my skin.

“whoa, somebody’s getting angry, Don’t worry, i only told her the bad things”

I clench my teeth so had I feel tiny cracks webbing its way across my teeth.

“you know thats really unhealthy, i bet your dentist LOVES you, just like Sophia used to”

I stop holding back.

Launching myself forward, moving at flash like speed, i brace myself as i prepare to slam the full force of my body into Midas…

He is gone, mere nano seconds before I make contact, he vanishes leading me to loose my balance and I slam right into the wall.

“Ouch, I hope that didn’t hurt… who i’m I kidding, I’m loving this” Midas says from the far end of the room.

How did he move so fast, faster than me.

“You forget, while you spent time… growing up, i was trapped in your head with nothing to do but perfect my skill, you i’m afraid are a little rusty”

At the end of his Speech  he raises his arms to the side of his body a dark blue fiery aura, surrounding his palms. He throws them at me like projectiles, one after the other, generating them as easily and quickly as he was throwing them.

It was all I could do to dodge. I jump straight into the air, manifesting two Smith and Wesson revolvers from underneath my Blazer (I swear I didn’t come to work with guns, HR) I was beginning to remember how the powers worked, basically just think it and it would happen. I emptied out the guns on Midas’s body but the bullets just ricocheted off him, like rubber bullets.

“Ah I see. Its all coming back to you isn’t it.” Midas smiles, catching the last bullet in his teeth “but you still will never be strong enough”

Plucking the bullet from his mouth, he spits out fire like a flamethrower from his mouth aiming it directly at me.

I lay on the floor, unable to move, my clothes badly scorched from the fire. Midas struts towards me  , giving a ha on every step (it sounded like — ha. ha. ha. ha…)

“I told you, you can never defeat me. Your fate was sealed the moment u set me fee, the moment you remembered.” He stops right infant of me, the fingers on his right arm merging and elongating into a long sharp oblong sword-like object, Terminator style.

“i will kill you, then i will rule this miserable planet” Midas raises his hand, ready to cut me into finger food…

He is interrupted by three sounds of metal cutting through air, in less than a second I see I cut open across his face, blood pouring out and the look of confusion on his face as he touches the wound. This is probably the first time he is ever feeling pain.

He turns around then gasps “impossible” he sounded genuinely scared.

My vision starts to blur but not before I see the pointy end of a sword pierce out of his back and him falling to the ground.

The only thing I can see now is Brown.



2 thoughts on “Midas King Arc – Confrontation (20160615)

  1. Brilliantly written…..
    Time loops…. Pandora Box in the mind….. Miserable planet…..
    It’s high time you admit that you’re not quite human


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