Midas King Arc – Maximum Security (20160621)

Continued from Confrontation

( Music – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)

A black void of nothingness.

i felt minor tremors, as if I was in motion, but…

But I couldn’t move, my limbs weren’t responding.

I force my eyes open.

My senses are overwhelmed. Bright lights roll by ahead of me, straight long beams of light. I takes me a while before finally realising that I am strapped down to some sort of stretcher and being pulled across an awkwardly long hallway.

I try again to move my hand, maybe I could escape from these bonds, but alas they are too tight. So tight that I could only get a few millimetres of movement out of my hands.

“The subject has regained consciousness” I heard from one of the voices around me.

“We have to alert doctor king” another voice from next to me said.

I couldn’t see a thing my head stuck in the same position, facing upward, with clamps at both sides to prevent me from turning. What were they trying to hide? Where was I?

I hear a subtle bang followed by a creaking of some sorts. I hated being in the dark. I hated not knowing things.

Finally I come to a halt.

After a few moments the bed I am tightly striped to, is elevated at a ninety degree angle which puts me face to face with a brunette lady in a medical face mask (lets call her nurse 1).

She looked at me with such curiosity, like I was ’the missing link’ or ‘big foot’ or some other scientifically marvel and at this point in my life I wouldn’t have been shocked to find out that I was. I mean who I’m I kidding, shit literally hit the fan the moment people start jumping out of my head.

The other voice I heard (nurse 2) steps out from behind me bringing with her a bright spot light,it blacked out everything else, burning my eyes. It reminded me of the kind doctors use in surgery and at the sight a bead of sweat trails down my forehead.

“Look at him squirm” nurse one said in a glee filled statement. I couldn’t really confirm on the count of the face mask and all, but it was there, these crazy people where going to kill me.

“Now, now… we want mr Jake hear to feel comfortable and at home” a deeply masculine voice said from behind the spotlight.

The two nurses seemed to quiver at the sound of his voice, they were as shocked and quite honestly scared as I was at the sound of the man whose outline I could barely make out.

“Dr king, we didn’t know you would be early, we’re deeply sorry”

Nurse 2 said, joining Dr king behind the spot light rendering both of them invisible to me.

“Doctor king please. DOCTOR KING!” she cries “PlEASE! don’t, DON’T!” and then she says nothing

DR King steps into the light alone, Nurse 1 doesn’t seem to be bothered by the absence of the second nurse.

Dr king, his face a shadow in front of the bright light that blinds me. A shadow but with enough detail for me to send shivers down my spine, his bald head ever so visible and is character beard. He had now adopted a pair of round (circular) lens giving him the vague resemblance to Professor strange from DC comics, and he looked just as insane.

“Unstrap him” Midas King ordered the nurse.

But he died, didn’t he. I remember him getting fillet-d. I probably shouldn’t mention that.

Nurse 1 cut the straps off me so violently I was caught of guard and fell face first to the ground.

“I’m afraid, you are not going to regain full control of your limbs for another 10 minutes.” Midas stated

“You bastard, what did you do to me” my first attempt to speak didn’t end up so well, I sounded like a child that had been deprived of air his entire life.

“What was that?” Midas asked “Get him a wheel chair” he ordered the nurse. She left the room in such a hurry I could’ve sworn she was glad to be as far away from Midas as possible. “I didn’t do anything to you”.

A few moments later the nurse returns, pushing the wheel chair. She lifts me into it and I’m in awe at how effortless it was, she was a lot stronger than she looked.

“i’ll take it from here” Midas ordered the nurse, taking control of the wheel chair. “you may leave”

her only reply before scurrying off, “thank you Doctor king”

He rolls me towards the door I was brought in. right after the spot light I see a lump. The nurse, her body, lifeless on the ground in a sad pile. I could only feel pity.

We move outside the room rolling by different panes of one way glass, through them I see people in suits, in cubicles answering their phones, typing their documents, getting water from the dispenser.

“you should be glad” Midas continues, “this is a behind the scenes look that only a privileged few know about and even fewer have seen”

I try to speak but my voice betrays me.

“Don’t you recognise this place?”

It did look familiar, we wheeled by a window pane and to my surprise I saw my desk with Dennis working on his computer and my chair empty.

The creepiest bit of it all was that, the glass plane we where looking through was the window, which is impossible.

“You are probably wondering how this is possible. Well, I think it is time you learn the truth. The office that you have been working at is a prison.”

What, no, that can’t be right. People move in and out of the office daily and often. He has to be lying, trying to inside my head.

“But i’m already inside your head, we all are.”

What how did he do that.

“Everything and everyone that is exists in that office” indicating to the window “is a figment of your imagination.”

He’s lying.

“every staple pin, every requisition form, every employee is, IN… YOUR… HEAD”


“Didn’t you find it off, never running into any of your colleagues outside work. Have you ever even seen a single person leave?”

No, could he be right?

We finally stop at the last glass window, it had my office suit hung next to it on one side and elevator doors on the other. Through the window I could see inside the elevator, and watched Selena boards it.

“even her” Midas continues “nothing but the embodiment of everything you find attractive in a girl”

I couldn’t deny it anymore.

He walks over to pick up the tie from the hook were my suit is hung.

“and this”, emphasising the tie, “this is the leash that blinds you” He throws the tie at me, “the chain that binds you to your warped reality”

“NOOO!” I scream, lifting myself from the wheel chair.

The look of surprise on Midas’ face mirrors mine.

I Can Move

“I Can Move”

“Indeed you can Jake” But can you move fast enough to save her.

“but you said… she’s not real”

“Does that matter to you?”


Midas pulls a device from inside his coat and presses one of the buttons.

“What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?”

“You have to hurry if you want to save her”

I turn to face the window and I see the elevator slowly fill with smoke. Poison.

I run towards the door, I push the button and I enter the lift, the door closing shut behind me.

Selena is on the floor, coughing heavily. The gas enters my system before i can hold my breath, flooding my senses as the world gets blurry…

“Jake… Jake…” Selena calls for me, Coughing.

“Jake! Jake” Selena slaps me awake.

I jump up in a hurricane of coughs and wheezes

“Where i’m I?”

“chill dude” Selena tries to calm me down “You have been unconscious for the past 5 days, ever since i killed Midas”

“No, he’s not dead, you’re not real… not real.” i say still shocked and frantic

“What happened to you?”

“Stay away, you’re not real… all in my head…”

Selena interrupts me with an extremely painful slap to the face, setting me back to my senses.

“I remember” I say, a lot calmer now, “You saved me. You killed him”

I hug her, forgetting myself.

“I’m so sorry, I did’t mean to” I try to apologise.

“it’s okay” she says

I feel my face, it burns.




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