16th Avenue👔- Part 5



Leaving already?
(Behind rimless lenses, Nicholson glances down at the packs of small chops clutched in Daisy and Kelsey’s hands.)

Actually, we were just…

Come with me a minute… Kelsey.
(Nicholson strolls ahead.)

(Whispers curiously)
What did you do?

(shrugs whispering…)
I don’t know.

Hope he didn’t find out that you call him Hitler behind his back?

(Kelsey immediately hushes Daisy.)

Whatever it is, make it snappy. Daniel’s waiting for me at Under Bridge.

Here, hold this.
(Hands over her small chops pack to Daisy and immediately makes her way over to Nicholson’s side.)

Nicholson strolls on silently absorbing the scenery then finally makes an abrupt stop turning to Kelsey. Then…

Let me be the first to congratulate you.


On your new post.

(bewilderment written all over her face)
New post…, Sir?

Haven’t you been informed?

Not at all, Sir.

You will be soon enough.
I’m aware you’ve always had an eye for the Copywright Unit.

Yes, I have. I’ve even taken a number of courses along that line over the years.

I’m well aware.
I’m also aware that you haven’t had much luck in passing any of those courses either.

Kelsey’s gaze falls to the ground.

Nothing to be ashamed about. I never had much luck with such exams, as well. Though, that didn’t stop me from ending up here.

Kelsey looks up to see Nicholson crack a smile for a second but only for a second. His usual no-nonesense expression immediately returns to his face.

Still, it’s no excuse. Perhaps, some on the job experience will better prepare you towards passing those exams.
With Wilson on suspension and Janet being seconded to head the Unit temporarily, there is presently an opening in the Copywright Department. The Management team has vested its confidence in you. We hope, through you and the few others like yourself, there will spring a revival of young and fresh creativity in the Unit. There’s room at the top for young leaders like you. We won’t be let down, will we?

I’ll do my best.
Just one question, Sir.

Go ahead.


What about Wilson? Isn’t he coming back?

There’s plenty of indecision surrounding that for now.

So what happens if he returns? Does Janet return to her former seat and I to mine?

Don’t be so much in a haste to cross the bridge before you get there. Resume in your new Unit first and, of course, do an amazing job.

Suddenly, the soft background music stops and there’s a loud outburst from the crowd. Nicholson and Kelsey’s attention immediately divert to the current center of attention. It’s Janet and William going at it in a lover’s spat.

(extremely frustrated)
Just get over your gigantic ego for once, William.

(hollers back impatiently)
You’re right, I do have a gigantic ego…. but it’s not the problem here.
The problem is you have a strong personality and it’s cute as a girlfriend but, as a boss, it’s a nightmare.
I hate to say it but you have become… a nightmare.


At the utterance of his last word, Janet had splashed the contents of her champagne glass in Williams’ face. She smashes the empty glass at his feet and angrily takes off.

Nicholson stares on completely absorbed in the drama. He doesn’t look pleased. Daisy appears at Kelsey’s side grabbing her arm.

Let’s go. Daniel’s been calling and I can’t pick up.
He’ll flip if he knows we’re still here.

Bidding goodnight to Nicholson’s back view, Kelsey allows herself to be led away by Daisy who drags her along towards the exit. In the process, she crashes into an unidentified male accidentally spilling his drink all over him. He immediately turns to catch a glimpse of his hit-and-run passerby. Disgruntled, he calls out to Kelsey. And then in slow motion as the scene slows down, she turns to face him with an apologetic expression but then something happens. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to look away.

Transfixed at the sight of the distant stranger, fireworks explode filling the room with colorful displays accompanied by the sound of fire cracking. Then angels begin to sing and, for a moment, everything fades away. Time stands completely still. It’s just Kelsey and the beautiful stranger. She’s completely mesmerized.

Suddenly, a tug on her arm brings her back to reality as motion picks up again. The background music has resumed, the room is packed with people and the atmosphere is filled with noisy chatter. Daisy stares at the object of Kelsey’s attention then stares back at her friend.

Kels, we have to go.

Again, Kelsey allows herself to be led away as they disappear through the exit.


12 thoughts on “16th Avenue👔- Part 5

  1. ah ah, all this drama in one office? Things like this don’t happen where i work or maybe i don’t know.
    But i like the drama and the suspense. Nexttttttttt


  2. Ooookayyyy… didn’t know that there was a “stranger” in Kelsey’s life!
    Nice right up though, i thought i have seen drama but if all these things truly happen in one office then i’m clearly in the wrong place…

    Anyways, i have to work. So as your compulsory editor (Ahem!!!), seems like there is something wrong with my throat! i noted this line “She’s completely mezmerized”. “mezmerized” is spelled “mesmerized”.

    I know, you can thank me later…


    1. Good eye, editor, what would my write ups be like without you… Can always count on u to spot my errors and make my work better. Thumbs up!

      Btw, are you on leave, you seem to be on a commenting spree today.


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