20160627 – RECAP

Jake, once an optimistic, over-imaginative and intelligent young man. Is now faced with the biggest threat to his existence from… Himself?

Midas King, the epitome of physical perfection. He was an imaginary entity from the oldest parts of Jakes mind who used to help jake through life when he was younger. That is until Jake out grew him. Midas did not like this, He thought their bond would never faulter. He wasn’t going to die so easily so he plotted the greatest escape ever concieved.

His mission was simple cause his capture the same pain he felt through out the years, forgotten… Sooo, he came up with the perfect 4 stage plan;
– to make sure jake couldn’t tell reality from hallucinations.
– appear to jake on occasion to subliminally remind Jake of his existence.
– Trick jake into opening the his mind, allowing him to escape into the world.
– Taking control over jakes life until nobody remembered him.

only then would jake understand what it feels like to not exist.

After their first battle, Midas would’ve killed Jake if not for Selena (ex-machina) interrupting the battle to save Jake impaling Midas in the process, leaving him for dead.

Now Jake and Selena are incognito recovering from the fight. He has to go on a spiritual journey in order to gain enlightenment on how to get rid of Midas.

After much meditation Jake finally achieves a heightened level of consciousness finding his way back to ’The Duality’ or Ebony and Ivory as you may better know them.

There he learns about life and death and everything in-between. He studies with them for 10 days on the 7th dimension or better known as the realm of Heaven (or hell depending on your perspective of the coin of the universe).

After 10 days with ‘the Duality’ Jake is now aware of the true nature of the universe.

He descends back into his body to a confused Selena with the ‘Ankh’, the egyptian symbol for eternal life tattooed in black ink on his right palm and the flower/circle of life symbol on his left palm.

Jake feels the limitless power that he now has limited access to.
Jake now understands all.

The midas king arc comes to a conclusion in the next episode with the BIGGEST BADDEST ending EVER.



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