A long time ago, the gods fell. Not just from grace, not just from glory, but from their lofty heights above the mortal realm. It wasn’t just one set of gods that fell but all of them. From the shores of Africa to the temples of Asia, the old gods all fell.

The history of earth is littered with gods from every culture that has ever existed. This is because man has always looked to the skies and imagined beings far more powerful than him. From this belief in the divine sprang forth the mythical gods of old. And it was this seemingly infinite wellspring of belief and faith in the divine that sustained the gods and gave them their powers. Man believed so the gods lived.

However, over the millennia, man’s belief in the mythical waned and so did the strength of the gods. Age and infirmity began to catch up to them. Even the mightiest of them, the Olympians and the Aesir were not immune from these effects. So when war came to the heavens, the strength the gods needed to win was not available to them. The gods lost and one by one they fell to a force they had not foreseen and had no hope of defeating. A new god named Lota’r had come from the stars and even the strongest of the gods of all the different cultures, Zeus, fell at his feet.

It could be said that there was more than one factor responsible for the fall of the old gods at the hands of this alien god. Firstly, the Aesir, the only ones of all the old gods to ever be as powerful and formidable as the Olympians died long before Lota’r came to earth. The Aesir, who inhabited the realm of Asgard were the Norse gods of power and war. They were as fierce as the mortals who worshipped them, the Norse Vikings. However, Ragnarok came knocking and the final battle ended the Aesir. Unfortunately, the natural order of events was interrupted as the Vikings went to war without their gods to protect them and they were defeated. So they scattered all over Europe and lost their connection to their gods. Without their people to believe in them, the Aesir could not be reborn. And so ended their era. So when the great war began, one of the two most powerful sets of gods was no more. One could only imagine how the combined strength of the all father Odin and the sky father Zeus would have changed the course of the war. We will never know.

Another factor to consider is that the dark lord of the underworld, keeper of Tartarus and eternal torturer of souls, Hades, had chosen to sit out the war. Instead, he watched from his throne as Zeus was slain along with those that followed him into battle. He laughed uncontrollably as Poseidon fled from the battlefield once Zeus fell. Lota’r had no use for the souls in the underworld and so never came calling for Hades. Perhaps, if Hades had not let his spite for his brothers, over an age old perceived wrong, rule his judgment, his strength might have tipped the scale of the war. After all, his power did not come from the belief of man. Rather, it came from the tortured screams of the souls in his domain. Ironically, it was the trick by his brothers to make him the lord of the underworld that spared Hades from the ire of the alien god. Though this irony never occurred to him.

The animosity from centuries of infighting amongst the gods was likely another factor that caused their fall at the hands of a single alien god. The fights among the different gods of the different cultures for supremacy over the mortals had left them unprepared and unwilling to work together to repel the threat posed by Lota’r. While man looked to the heavens for guidance knowing that he did not have all the answers to the great questions of life, the gods failed to learn the lesson of man’s dependence on them. Man had humility. The gods did not and perhaps in the end, it was their pride more than anything else that caused their fall.

With the fall of Zeus came the raging tempest that lasted seven days and seven nights. As the mortal realm, which had never known such wrath spew from the heavens wondered the cause of the phenomenon, man for a moment feared the end and prayed to his gods for answers. This temporarily renewed faith in the divine was too late to save the gods. Instead, the few remaining gods ran for cover as the prophets of Lota’r hunted them down. Those that survived long enough made it to the last remaining haven on earth, Atlantis. Here the king of Atlantis and god of the oceans, Poseidon, was at full strength. The oceans were his domain and the city his fortress. Created long ago, he had imbued the city with powerful magic to ward off his foes. Not even his brothers could set foot on its shores without his permission. So he sent out an invitation to the last remaining surviving gods to join him in Atlantis. When the last of the survivors made it to the city, Poseidon sank it as a final magical act to reinforce the protection spells around the city. For the oceans were his domain and nothing sails upon it without his say so.

Much of this history is lost to the mortal world. Many have theorized reasons for Atlantis’ descent to the depths of the ocean floor without ever coming close to the truth. Many more do not believe such a city ever existed. Yet, the truth is Atlantis did exist and does so to this day. If man knew the truth, he would know that Atlantis must exist for the world needs Atlantis and it needs the world.

A thousand years later, the war is not over and man’s world is about to be dragged into it as Lota’r is set to rise again. Healed from his injuries sustained from his battle with Zeus, he will finally do to earth that which he came to do all those years ago. Man’s world is not only a party with a vested interest in this war. It is also the prize to be claimed by the victor. Man’s only hope will lie on the timid shoulders of the last of Zeus’ sons who is destined to be the one with the power at the right time to reach into the abyss of non-existence and drag forth the old gods out of the very clutches of death. For that which dies can be reborn. But man will have to recapture that which it lost a long time ago, faith in the divine and the mythical. Only then will this last great hope of the world have the power he needs to save it. For pantheon falls but it may also rise again.

16th Avenueđź‘”-Part 6


Olivia’s words ring out clearly.

In line with Section 2, paragraph 3 of the Staff Handbook, dating among Staff is highly prohibited. All Staff caught in violation of this rule will be asked to resign with immediate effect.

A hand goes up.

Janet, …you have something to say.

(withdraws her raised hand)
It’s Monday morning, to be precise, the first Monday of the last quarter of the year – an extremely busy period for the company. Some of us have a long list of clients to meet with today coupled with backlogs from Friday. I’m sure you have prepared a lovely speech filled with fancy words which would be impressive to hear but could you spare us the lecture and get to the point.

Beside Janet sits William, visibly bored out of his mind.

As much as I hate to agree with Saddam, she’s actually right. I’ve got a 9am meeting with a client at Magodo and she hates to be kept waiting.

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