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Pillars Of Life

The Soul. The filter of man’s impulses. Arbiter of the good and evil that resides within. A spark of life born of devine will. The source of man’s inspiration for and appreciation of beauty. Father of twin daughters empathy and sympathy. Gifted to man to connect him to his fellow. Yet its voice in the form of conscience sounds so shallow.

Water. The elixer of life. The nourisher of all things. Animals, plants and insects depend on her. Mountains do not stop her path. But mountains are eroded by her stealthy war of attrition. Her abondance only masks her contradiction. She adapts to heat and cold and is never truly destroyed. She houses, feeds and belongs in all living things.

Faith. The conviction of a belief. Blinding and inspiring masses to causes. Also spelt as hope, anchors the soul to a promise of. Value inherent in the purpose it gives. Sometimes fickle as the wind and yet capable of immovable will. Its object need not be true. Presence of it though drives men to live their truth.