20180106 – Warm Welcomes

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Continued from An Old Beginning.

A plethora of theories fly through my head, some of them more convincing than others:

1. Maybe I haven’t even woken up yet. This could still be a dream, therefore nothing that happens to me here would matter.
2. In the case that all of this is real, how does this involve me? Maybe this is all an elaborate prank, an over due Christmas present from my friends at the office. But I can’t possibly be that naive.
3. If I choose to take this seriously, an actual threat to my life, this would have to be some sort of parallel existence. Probably some sort of totalitarian civilisation but for the most part other than us no one else seems to be complaining which really bugs me.

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20171224 – An Old Beginning

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Continued from Hello World.

Hi there.

So, i did make it to the concert (eventually), even managing to enjoy myself a little bit despite the fact (although not the music), but, that isn’t what you came for is it? This isn’t what you came here to see. Somehow this movie has skipped a couple scenes and you now find yourself at the end of the story.


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20171222 – Hello World

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Hello, my ever silent imaginary friends. My very special V.I.P, sitting in the front row of my very entertaining, fictionalised life. How long it’s been. Miss me?

We haven’t spoken in a while, and although it is my fault, i haven’t really had much to say… Until now that is.

Where do i start?

Well society has gone to hell… but perhaps that is too strong a topic to re-begin this journey down the rabbit hole.

Well as long as we go together.

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I sit in my (very untidy) room, staring at the empty suitcase in front of me. the world is eerily quite as i reflect over the past couple of months….


My phone goes off, the ringtone breaking the perfectly still silence that engulfed my thoughts.



iv’e been avoiding his call all summer. he probably wants to know what room to register us in at school.

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