Darian Black.

Darian Black templateCHAPTER 1

THE PAST: Paradise Falls General hospital

Woman: Arrrgh

Doctor: You can do it M just try Harder

Woman: this is as hard as i can try so do your job and get this damn baby out of me!

Doctor: I think i see a head

*the doctor cups the baby’s head in his palms as he gestures for the

Doctor: you’ve got a lovely baby

Woman: awn ( baby talk)
*Notice eyes*
His eyes, they are black

Doctor: um, yeah, is this your first
*woman nods*
(relief) all babies have black eyes when they are born

Woman: oh, its gone. * looks passionately* your gonna be a very special Child, you’ll see.


# 16 yrs.’ Later

Darian gets out of bed, see’s the time. He is late for school! He Brushes his teeth, changes for school, eats cereal, screams his greetings to his mom, where ever she is and runs out the front door.
Darian gets his bike, he notices that the ‘for sale’ sign had been taking off the neighbouring lawn. He rides to school, hurrying against time getting there in a couple of minutes to an empty school gate. Classes must’ve begone already.

Kat: Darian!!!, Darian!!!

Darian turns to notice figure

Darian: why didn’t you wake me up

Kat: Darian, did you see mum this morning?

Darian: Nope, why, she was probably just out.

Kat: Weird

Darian: what?

Kat: i thought i saw… your eyes?

Darian: Noooo *sarcasm*, Quit being a pest
*see’s the time*
I’m gonna be late for class

Kat: Byeeeeee!!
Darian runs into school, and bumps into Chris

Chris: yo D, did you do Mr. Engels Trig Assignment
*Darian in a hurry*

Darian: CANT. TALK. GONNA. be. late…

Chris: but it’s only 7:49 school hasn’t even started.

*Darian runs across deserted hallways, past a janitor, and finally approaches his English class, it reads; MRs Dubois’s First Language English. He opens the door to see an empty class, and his teacher on her laptop*

Mrs. Dubois; excuse me Darian? Why do you grant me your presence at such an early hour.

Darian: where’s everyone?

Mrs. Dubois: well, outside I presume waiting on the bell, you see school hasn’t yet begun.
Mrs. Dubois points to the wall clock above her; it reads 7:52
Darian Reads his watch, it says 8:30

Darian: I’m gonna get you Kat, this means war.
Mrs. Dubois: sorry, what was that?

Darian: um, nothing Mrs. Dubois, i was just leaving
*Darian approaches his long time best friends Chris and Sophie, who seem to be in a heated conversation*

Darian: Hey guys

Chris: Hey D, can you tell miss ‘first person shooter’, over here that, ‘speed cycle’ (racing game) is just as good as ‘Covert intelligence Alliance’ (first person Shooter)

Passers by: *coughs* Nerds!
*Sophie threatens and they run away*

Sophie: sorry the boys from my year are a little immature

Darian: Chris, Sophie’s right racing games have no real storyline and require no strategic or planning.

Chris: And killing Random People require strategic planning?

*RRRIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG* (The school bell rings starting the school day)

Darian Monologue
Well you see Chris and i have been friends for as long as i can remember, when we were younger we used to get picked on by this really big bully, then i tried to fight back, Chris Saw what i was doing and decided that we would be best friends for a very long time
As for Sophie, she is like the little sister I never had.
(Kat; Hey,
Darian: this is supposed to be a monologue, get out)
A year after we arrived at high school she was a new girl starting ( yeah a Year Bellow us) and she was just cool and started hanging out with us, now she has proven to be a good friend and though we may all fight we would always protect each other.


# Class

Mr. Engel: now if you will please pass your trig assignments to the person in front of you
*knock on the door, principal walks in, Drake follows*

Principal: Mr. Engel can I speak with you.

Mr. Engel: em, sure, excuse me class.

Darien: what do you think is going on?
*to random students, whispering in class*
*Mr. Engel enters with Drake*

Mr. Engel: um class, it appears that there is a new student joining us today, *gestures to Drake * Introduce yourselfcool-hairstyles-for-men-with-curly-hair-

Drake: *English accent*, my name is Drakel Daele Dunious The Third, I’m a transfer student from the schools London division


# Lunch Period

Chris; dude did you see that guy Drake… something dude was kinda weird

Sophie: what guy?

Darian; a new kid just moved here from London, with an accent and everything, and a stupid ass name
*looks across Chris’s shoulder and sees Drakel starring at him intently, before he can do anything about it THEY walk in.*


The Girls, Thea, Anna and Angelina, where the wannabe super models of our school attaining the highest level of bad assery when they saved the school from a fire last year (not saying they didn’t cause it). Thea being the leader and the must stunning, getting an average 4.0 GPA, Anna 53d003760489fe55043114bbe309d5c3and Angelina, her sidekicks,
both look like 18 year old Sofia Vergaras (except they aren’t hispanic). I’m gonna let you digest this for a second…



Chris: oh my… i think she smiled at me Anna Smiled at me!

Sophie: oh, Please those girls probably don’t know the difference between a Satyr and a gorgon.
*The Super Gurl Trio all turn in a synchronised movement heading towards our nerdy trio*

Darian: oh I think they heard you.

Thea: A Satyr happens to be a class of lustful, drunken woodland gods.

Anna: In Greek art they were represented as a man with a horse’s ears and tail,

Angelina: but in Roman representations as a man with a goat’s ears,

Thea: tail,


Angelina: and horns.

Together: BITCH!!!
*They leave*

Chris: oh crap, they spoke to us.

Darian; actually I think they were talking to Sophie.

Sophie: Shut up guys
(under her breath) they completely forgot about the gorgon.



*the nerdy Trio walk in unison*

Chris: so we coming to your house, my mum’s working late today.

Darian: sure, how bout you Sophie

Sophie: …

Darian: what’s Up.

Chris: yeah she’s not talking to us cuz of the whole Satyr fiasco during lunch

Darian: well she better answer fast or i’ll have to tickle the worlds out of her

Sophie: 🙂

Darian: is That a smile

Chris; i think so

Darian: Get her

Sophie: NO, no, okay, okay, i’ll talk.
*approaches House*
Darian notices a figure walking Behind Them

Darian: i think we are being Followed.

Sophie: by who

Darian: i dunno, keep walking don’t look back, wait till we turn that corner then we’ll jump him/her.

Chis: Okay
*they wait for their Prey, waiting patiently, and from behind them Drakel Speaks*

Drakel: What are you Guys Doing?

In Unison: Crap, What The!

Chris: dude you almost gave me a heart attack, I’m not willing to join gramp’s yet

Darian: Drakel, right?

Drakel: well i’d prefer if you just called me Drake.

Darian: okay Drake why were you following us?

Drake: well, i wasn’t really following you, its just, i moved into the house next to yours and i wasn’t sure i remembered were it was, then i saw you guys walking, and you know…

Sophie: Hi, I’m Sophie. (all smiles and blushes)

Drake: hi Sophia, pleased to meet such a gorgeous lady on my first day in America
*Darian and Chris look disgusted*

Chris: well, Drake your house is straight down there

Sophie: stop giving him a hard time, guys,
*to Drake* you can walk with us if you want

Drake: no, Sophie, its all right, i think i can find my way from here
*Drake Leaves*

Chris: *to Sophie* what was that all about

Sophie: what

Darian: *mimicking* “don’t hurt him, cuz he’s British”
*boys laugh*

Sophie: I don’t sound like that. it’s not funny. UGH!!!

*they approach the front door to the house*

Chris: is your mum home?

Darian: (see’s car) i guess she didn’t go to work today
*the walk in to find the house exactly the way it was in the morning*

Darian: MUM! MUM!
Sophie and Chris: MRS BLACK!!
*Sophie walks into Mrs. Blacks room to meet a surprise*

*Chris and Darian run to her side*

Chris: $#*%
*the room seems to have an aura (glow) and there is a black hole kind of deal going from the centre of the room to the wall, there is a glowing holographic figure of Mrs. Black on her bed being pulled into the spinning torrent, Darian runs to her side*

Darian: Mum
*Tries to touch her then she disappears along with the entire anomaly in the room, they all hear a sound and turn to see Kat at the door frame, she just dropped her bag.*