16th Avenue👔 – Part 7




Nicholson’s Office

The black door initialed ‘C.E.O.’ opens to reveal Kelsey seated opposite Nicholson. She quietly listens as he goes on almost inaudibly. His lips move as he talks but Rita could barely make out his words from where she stood behind the door peeping in with an armful of manilla files impatiently waiting to be signalled in.
By the troubled expression on Kelsey’s face, the topic at hand seemed to be incredibly serious.

(slightly audible)
Yes? Come in….

Rita seemed to forget herself momentarily until Nicholson’s eyes shift towards her. Their eyes meet.

Are you just going to stand there?
I said come in.

She seemed to regain awareness as she squeezes her way through the door offering a nervous greeting which Nicholson seemed to disregard.

What can I do for you?

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I sit in my (very untidy) room, staring at the empty suitcase in front of me. the world is eerily quite as i reflect over the past couple of months….


My phone goes off, the ringtone breaking the perfectly still silence that engulfed my thoughts.



iv’e been avoiding his call all summer. he probably wants to know what room to register us in at school.

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Darian Black (Mock Cover Art)

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JaK30b – Netflix Style

JaK30b (Supermercado)


JaK30b – Arkham style

JaK30b Bat Logo.png



A long time ago, the gods fell. Not just from grace, not just from glory, but from their lofty heights above the mortal realm. It wasn’t just one set of gods that fell but all of them. From the shores of Africa to the temples of Asia, the old gods all fell.

The history of earth is littered with gods from every culture that has ever existed. This is because man has always looked to the skies and imagined beings far more powerful than him. From this belief in the divine sprang forth the mythical gods of old. And it was this seemingly infinite wellspring of belief and faith in the divine that sustained the gods and gave them their powers. Man believed so the gods lived. Continue reading


16th Avenue👔-Part 6


Olivia’s words ring out clearly.

In line with Section 2, paragraph 3 of the Staff Handbook, dating among Staff is highly prohibited. All Staff caught in violation of this rule will be asked to resign with immediate effect.

A hand goes up.

Janet, …you have something to say.

(withdraws her raised hand)
It’s Monday morning, to be precise, the first Monday of the last quarter of the year – an extremely busy period for the company. Some of us have a long list of clients to meet with today coupled with backlogs from Friday. I’m sure you have prepared a lovely speech filled with fancy words which would be impressive to hear but could you spare us the lecture and get to the point.

Beside Janet sits William, visibly bored out of his mind.

As much as I hate to agree with Saddam, she’s actually right. I’ve got a 9am meeting with a client at Magodo and she hates to be kept waiting.

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20160627 – RECAP

Jake, once an optimistic, over-imaginative and intelligent young man. Is now faced with the biggest threat to his existence from… Himself?

Midas King, the epitome of physical perfection. He was an imaginary entity from the oldest parts of Jakes mind who used to help jake through life when he was younger. That is until Jake out grew him. Midas did not like this, He thought their bond would never faulter. He wasn’t going to die so easily so he plotted the greatest escape ever concieved. Continue reading


16th Avenue👔- Part 5



Leaving already?
(Behind rimless lenses, Nicholson glances down at the packs of small chops clutched in Daisy and Kelsey’s hands.)

Actually, we were just…

Come with me a minute… Kelsey.
(Nicholson strolls ahead.)

(Whispers curiously)
What did you do?

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Midas King Arc – Maximum Security (20160621)

Continued from Confrontation

( Music – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)

A black void of nothingness.

i felt minor tremors, as if I was in motion, but…

But I couldn’t move, my limbs weren’t responding.

I force my eyes open.

My senses are overwhelmed. Bright lights roll by ahead of me, straight long beams of light. I takes me a while before finally realising that I am strapped down to some sort of stretcher and being pulled across an awkwardly long hallway. Continue reading


Excerpt from “Remember” by me

“I heard a million voices crying in pain, their wails were the sound track to my nightmare, accompanied by the imagery of a clock, a grandfather clock but not so much y’know, like something wasn’t quite right with it, maybe it was the color of the blood red wood, or the petrified faces carved into the frame. It probably was because it sounded an ear splitting RING at twenty five o’clock . Flashes soon followed, of images depicting a little girl, bound and gagged, her body, lifeless spread in a corner of what appeared to be a prison cell and on the wall over her body, painted with blood in big block letters were the words QUASIMODO”


16th Avenue👔 – Part 4


Daisy and Kelsey laugh out loud at a random joke.

If Benji was here, he’d ask God to forgive us.

(Silence as the two look over at the empty desk in the corner where Benji once sat. Daisy’s eyes slowly shift over to Kelsey.)

You liked him, didn’t you?


(Ashley waltz in elaborately dressed in a skimpy number throwing her curves rhythymically from left to right. Daisy and Kelsey’s jaws hit the ground completely dazed.)

Good morninggggg….

(Daisy is first to react.)

You stepped out your house like this?

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Midas King Arc – Confrontation (20160615)

MIdas King Arc _ CnfrntContinued from Pandoras Box*

“I feel a lot better now”. Yeah I know you all missed my awesome voice/words.

“Well, you should be, you had an entire day of rest, you lucky son…” Dennis smiled. “anyway whats this all about, you said you have an imaginary person after you?” a curious expression occupying his face.

“well, not exactly… how many times do i have to say it”

“Just once more” Dennis replies.

“Hmm. Okay. So this guy…” I start.

“Is he talking about his Imaginary friend again” Michael spins his chair around to join our conversation. Continue reading


Midas King Arc – Pandoras Box (20160613)

MIdas King Arc _ PBox

“So, I read your blog” Midas said. “You are one disturbed mutha…”.

I laughed. I like the idea that people get to see inside my head. I would say ‘I’m not crazy’ but anyone could easily reply me with ‘that’s exactly what a crazy person would say’. So i think it would be better if i just admitted…

“I might be crazy”.

Midas’s expression changes, he lifts an eyebrow as if to say, ‘you think?’

He takes a bite out of his burger.

“So, in general, what do you think about it?” I ask Midas, honestly looking for some constructive criticism.

“I think it lacks direction, a bigger picture” he says to my surprise. “I just feel the stories are to disjointed. The events of one don’t really make an impact in the others.” Continue reading


16th Avenue👔 – Part 3


Midday at the Staff Canteen,

It’s a lie.

I wish it was.

What are we gossiping about?
(Runs his cup under the cold water dispenser balancing an empty food tray.)

Wilson got suspended?
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Weekend – Saturday

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.11.52 AMsaw this on instagram and i thought wow i gotta share this


16th Avenue👔 – Part 2


Kelsey’s Office

Kelsey plumps down into her swivel chair sinking into the comfort of the cool leather appreciating the peace and quiet around her. She exhales a soothing sigh. The sudden loud ringing of her office line immediately shatters her moment of serenity. She grabs the phone and places it to her ear.

Hello. Good morning.

Hi, dear.

Ashley’s an average height young single female. Her glowing fair skin is the first thing you notice about her as well as her super trim waist line. Her outgoing and bubbly nature made her easily sociable. Calling her the office flirt wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Continue reading


20160609 – One stop

It has been terribly uneventful around the office today. Both Dennis and i had our plates full with work.

I am sooo tired.

At least i can finally go home.

I check my watch, received to see that it reads ‘FiveFourtyTwo’.

I pack up my gear, shoving my laptop into its bag along with my external hard drive and pull out my ear phones to connect to my phone.

with my things packed up, i plug the ear buds into my ear and scroll through my phone for the perfect song to soundtrack my current mood. After a few swipes i find it. Continue reading


16th Avenue👔 – Part 1

Morning, Walter Douglass’ Office

Kelsey, suited in a sharp light grey pants suit, strolls into the private office of Walter Douglas. Her thick shoulder length curly brown hair bounced as she walked over to the table of the middle-aged man dressed impeccably in a plain white shirt and a yellow striped tie.
Good morning, Walter.

Morning, Kels. How was your weekend?
(He looks up at her with a playful smile on his face as he adjusts his spectacles.)
You already know the answer to that, Wally – too short – as always. It’s never quite enough. Once I get up Sunday mornings, my mind’s already on Monday – passionately dreading it. Continue reading


COMING SOON! 16th Avenue.


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